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July 23rd 2015



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In Mucho Party, a party game full of whimsical mini-games and experiences, players will be brought into a lively colorful world that will provide an ideal stomping ground for battles, duels, and friendly competition. In this local multiplayer game, players will find thirty unique, challenging, and wacky mini-games coupled with thirty original tunes. Designed with a skill equalizer test and a customizable facial avatar, Mucho Party tests players' concentration, reaction times, and puzzle-solving skills. With its vibrant art and vast variety of games and game modes, Mucho Party is sure to keep players of all skill sets wanting to party more.

Behind the Party

Mucho Party was inspired by the desire to have a local multiplayer game that would be fun for players of all ages and skill sets. While many games consist of some of the individual Mucho Party elements, the game development studio, GlobZ, wanted to make a truly unique game that would encompass its personal favorite aspects of gaming: local multiplayer, a huge variety of options, a fair game for all, and a fantastical world filled with lively art and thriving music.

However, although the vision was clear and the inspiration strong, Mucho Party didn’t happen overnight. The game took countless hours and numerous iterations to become what it is today. You can learn more about the evolution of Mucho Party here.

The GlobZ team hopes you enjoy the whimsical world they worked so hard to create and continue to party on!


  • 40 local multiplayer party games (5 free + 35 via 1 IAP)
  • selfie-based avatars
  • 6 game modes (mosaic, roulette, duel, tic-tac-toe, hotseat, league)
  • 3 AI players (easy, medium, hard) for each of the 40 games
  • a skill equalizer
  • more than 50 Game Center achievements
  • game available in 11 languages (EN, CN, FR, DE, IT, JP, RU, ES, KR, TR, BR)
  • 40 music tracks by Whitaker Trebella


Mucho Party Trailer YouTube


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Awards & Recognition


Selected Articles

  • "'Mucho Party' Review - A Nice Assortment Of Familiar Mini-Games" (4/5)
    - Shaun Musgrave, TouchArcade
  • "TOP 10 of the games for the holidays"
    - Damien, JeuxVideo.fr
  • "8/10"
    - Gwen Phua, iFanzine
  • "Ideal game to decide who will do the dishes during the holidays"
    - Mathilde Lizé, Le Point (major French weekly magazine)
  • "Games of the week: There are plenty of ideas fizzing within this collection, and (important for this genre) a sense of humour too."
    - Stuart Dredge, The Guardian
  • "Reminds Wario Ware and Bishi Bashi"
    - Boulapoire, Gamekult
  • "Top 10 best iPhone and iPad games of June 2014"
    - Mark Brown, Pocket Gamer
  • "Mario Party for the touch screens"
    - Bertrand Amar, Melty.fr
  • "the iPhone and iPad's spiritual successor to Bishi Bashi"
    - Peter Willington, AppSpy
  • "8/10"
    - Maxence, JeuxVideo.fr
  • "this party game (...) a step above the rest of its competitors"
    - hypi.st
  • "Mucho Party, an acid-dipped two player mini-game collection would feel right at home with a Wario logo stamped over it". "It's super fun"
    - Lawrence Bonk, Metro US
  • "Colourful and silly, in the best sense of the word."
    - Stuart Dredge, The Guardian
  • "Mucho Party is a wonderfully frantic two-player mini-game collection (...) My favourite game is Mucho Tango"
    - Keith Stuart, The Guardian
  • "Super party with friends"
    - AppGame (China), AppGame
  • "Mucho Party is immediately accessible"
    - Mark Brown, Pocket Gamer.biz
  • "There's a beautifully crazy mix of weirdness and colour that makes me happy just thinking about it"
    - Leon Hurley, Kotaku UK
  • "Mucho Party is a well-honed and likeable mini-game collection"
    - Rob Hearn, Pocket Gamer
  • "Consistently varied, Mucho Party is quite the delight" (4/5)
    - Jennifer Allen, 148 Apps
  • "If you've got an iPad, then Mucho Party is a must buy" (8/10)
    - Harry Slater, Pocket Gamer
  • "the ideal multiplayer game for two players" (...) "Mucho Party will keep you and your companions entertained for quite some time"
    - Christine Chan, AppAdvice
  • "Game engagement and fun factor 0->100 in just 1 nano second!"
    - Dr. Maria Stukoff Head of PlayStation's Academic Development Programme, on Twitter
  • "9/10" (French)
    - Netsabes, Canard PC
  • "If you're looking for a game to play with some friends, that sounds like a pretty good deal. Especially if you get them to bring the snacks."
    - Harry Slater, Pocket Gamer
  • "After trying it we can't wait to have it"
    - Netsabes, Canard PC
  • "In a personal favourite of mine, you are put in a pretzel factory and challenged to pick out faulty snacks with misshapen bodies."
    - Mark Brown, Pocket Gamer

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Monetization Permission

GlobZ allows for the contents of Mucho Party to be published through video broadcasting services for any commercial or non-commercial purposes. Monetization of videos created containing assets from Mucho Party is legally & explicitly allowed by GlobZ.

About GlobZ

Founded in 2000, GlobZ is an award winning indie games studio designed with the intention and mission to create a variety of original games that resonate with people all over the world through the universal language of game-based fun.
While developing over 200 (mini)games that have lived on different platforms including iOS, Android, and web, the GlobZ team Alex, Fab, Laurent, and Jeremy have fought tirelessly to ensure that their games live up to everything a game should be—a carefree escape, a moment of fun, and an all encompassing game experience.

More information
More information on GlobZ, logo here.

Mucho Party Credits

GlobZ team (Alex, Fabien, Laurent, Jérémy)
Game Design, Game Development, Graphics, Animations.

Whitaker Trebella


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